President’s and Dean’s List Announced for Spring Semester 2024


░─├┼┴¨║¤▓╩╣┘═° Technical College President, Dr. Andrea D. Daniel, has announced the students named to
the PresidentÔÇÖs and DeanÔÇÖs Lists for Spring Semester 2024. The PresidentÔÇÖs List includes all full-time
students (enrolled for 12 or more semester credit hours) who earned a grade point average of 4.0
during spring semester. The DeanÔÇÖs List is awarded to students enrolled in 12 or more credit hours
who earned a grade point average of 3.5 to 3.9 for spring semester.

Students named to the PresidentÔÇÖs List are: Ths Adair (Paralegal Studies), Jeremiah Adams
(Electrical Cons Syst Tech), Mayson Aenchbacher (Cosmetology), Giovanny Albarran (Air
Conditioning Tech), Olivia Allen (Esthetician TCC), Nathan Bailey (Engineering Technology), Dylon
Barrett (Air Conditioning Tech), Hannah Bass (Esthetician TCC), Irina Begun (Interdisciplinary
Studies), Robert Bellando (Business Mgmt), Rebekah Bernat (Esthetician TCC), Pierce Brewington
(Welding Technology), Amanda Brown (Practical Nursing), Tyler Brown (Accounting), Amber
Brudon (Health Information Tech), Wilson Byrne (Conservation Law Enforcement), Emily Callaway
(Practical Nursing), Maggie Carlson (Radiologic Technology AAS), Chris Carney (Physical Therapist
Assist), Patricia Carruth(Drafting Technology), Desiree Carter (Auto Collision Repair), Alex Castro
(Air Conditioning Tech), Sarah Collins (Agriculture Science), Haley Craft (Radiologic Technology
AAS), Jacqueline Cuevas (Cosmetology), Jamilljah Dammond (Veterinary Technology), Dale Davis
(Air Cond Syst Maint Tech TCC), Hayley Dean (Radiologic Technology AAS), Kristen Demonbreun
(Physical Therapist Assist), Brittany Dillard (Medical Assisting), Gregory Duncan (Air Conditioning
Tech), Curtis Dykes (Comp Support Specialist), Emily Eggenberger (Interdisciplinary Studies), Alaina
Elrod (Paralegal Studies), Robert Farrington (Accounting), Archer Fennell (Air Conditioning Tech),
Megan Flint (Esthetician TCC), Dylan Fowler (Interior Design), Adamary Galeana (Early Childhood
Care), Stuart Gandy (Air Cond Syst Maint Tech TCC), Emily Gaona (Interdisciplinary Studies), Macy
Garcia (Veterinary Technology), Luis Garcia (Air Conditioning Tech), Kathryn Gasperec (Air
Conditioning Tech), Ambrosia Gilbert (Paralegal Studies), Kensley Godbee (Interdisciplinary
Studies), Manuel Gonzalez (Radiologic Technology AAS), Austin Graham (Industrial Systems Tech),
Maegan Griffith (Practical Nursing), Dawson Guest (Interdisciplinary Studies), Catherine Haag (Early
Childhood Care), Brenna Hallett (Interdisciplinary Studies), Sierra Hallett (Interdisciplinary Studies),
Brittney Hanson (Radiologic Technology AAS), Samara Harvey (Radiologic Technology AAS), Cassie
Hawkins (Cosmetology), Isabella Heckman (Marketing Management), Rebecca Holliday (Veterinary
Technology), Brookelyn Hooper (Practical Nursing), Joshua Ingo (Interdisciplinary Studies), Bess
Jennings (Early Childhood Care), Elio Jimenez (CAD Operator), Tamara Jordan (Veterinary
Technology), Abigail Kantz (Business Technology), Caiden Kautzman (Comp Support Specialist),
Hirut Kidane (Medical Assisting), Chandler Lampp (Air Conditioning Tech), Maya Land (Early
Childhood Care), William Larson (Emerging Technologies), Emma Lawrence (Accounting), Ruthie
Lazenberry (Interdisciplinary Studies), Alexis LeFave (Business Mgmt), Harper Lecroy (Esthetician
TCC), Callie Lee (Esthetician TCC), Keith Lee (Marketing Management), Erika Lord (Esthetician TCC),
Justin Marcial (Air Conditioning Tech), Spencer McDonald (Air Conditioning Tech), Lucas
McWhorter (Electrical Cons Syst Tech), Tyler Medlock (Air Conditioning Tech), Hailey Metzler
(Veterinary Technology), Preston Millard (Emerging Technologies), Aniah Miller (Cosmetology),
Marlecia Mills (Practical Nursing), Ryan Moody (Air Conditioning Tech), Jessica Moon (Early
Childhood Care), Olivia Moore (Early Childhood Care), Karriem Muhammad (Air Conditioning
Tech), Naim Muhammad (Air Conditioning Tech), Shaquille Noble (Veterinary Technology), Aiden
Parisi (Interdisciplinary Studies), Aiyanna Peavy (Early College Essentials TCC), Silas Pemberton
(Engineering Technology), Carson Pierce (Electrical Cons Syst Tech), Hannah Pope (Esthetician
TCC), Daniel Portillo (Engineering Technology), Grant Price (Welding Technology), Hailey Proffitt
(Business Mgmt), Crystal Queen (Esthetician TCC), Josian Ramirez (Criminal Justice Tech), Olivia
Reynolds (Cosmetology), Christa Richards (Interdisciplinary Studies), Brandon Robertson (Business
Mgmt), Nolan Rolison (Electrical Cons Syst Tech), Sophia Rno (Early College Essentials TCC), Kaitlyn
Sanders (Paralegal Studies), Tori Schwartz (Health Information Tech), Jordan Shirah (Veterinary
Technology), Anthonisha Sims (Health Information Tech), Courtney Sims (Esthetician TCC), Jamiya
Sims (Comp Support Specialist), Vicky Sims (Radiologic Technology AAS), John Skorupski
(Interdisciplinary Studies), Hunter Smith (Interdisciplinary Studies), Rebecca Smith (Radiologic
Technology AAS), Sydney Smith (Social Work Assistant), Emily Solis (Cosmetology), Felipe Solis (Air
Conditioning Tech), Hayden Splichal (Electrical Cons Syst Tech), Decortyaine Tademy (Engineering
Technology), Ruth Thain (Radiologic Technology AAS), Otellia Ths (Social Work Assistant), Leah
Thompson (Veterinary Technology), David Tobar (Electrical Cons Syst Tech), Mackenzie Torbush
(Physical Therapist Assist), Aubrey Trollinger (Cosmetology), Parker Turpin (Interdisciplinary
Studies), Brandon Vargas (Emerging Technologies), Candice Villarma (Practical Nursing), Elizabeth
Ward (Esthetician TCC), William Watson (Welding Technology), Zachary Watson (Precision
Machine/Manufacturing), Ryen Weaver (Bioscience), Jamie Wilder (Veterinary Technology), Luke
Wilkins (Welding Technology), Aj Willis (Early College Essentials TCC), and Abigail Wilson

Students named to the DeanÔÇÖs List are: Roderick Abdon (Electrical Cons Syst Tech), Olivia Aguilar
(Interdisciplinary Studies), Brady Alberson (Comp Support Specialist),Leylande Andrews (Marketing
Management), Kendarius Ardister (Air Conditioning Tech), Brittany Avery (Interdisciplinary Studies),
Benjamin Bailey (Welding Technology), Claire Barfield (Barbering), Emily Baxter (Physical Therapist
Assist), Anna Black (Cosmetology), Kody Blackmon (Radiologic Technology AAS), Shirquita
Blackwell (Early Childhood Care), Adelyn Bolton (Physical Therapist Assist), Tevin Boss (EMS
Professions), Cardarious Brittain (Business Technology), Andrew Camarena (Comp Support
Specialist), Victoria Cameron (EMS Professions), Madalynn Carey (Cosmetology), Chelsea Carroll
(Physical Therapist Assist), Cheyenne Carter (Radiologic Technology AAS), Rebecca Cassidy
(Interdisciplinary Studies), William Causey (Interdisciplinary Studies), Briya Chappell (Business
Mgmt), Trinity Chastain (Interdisciplinary Studies), Melina Clark (Early College Essentials TCC), Elisha
Copeland (Early Childhood Care), Kamryn Curl (Early College Essentials TCC), Jonathan Daniel
(Precision Machine/Manufacturing), Austin Denard (Interdisciplinary Studies),Jaydon Dennis
(Interdisciplinary Studies), Norman Dicer (Comp Support Specialist), Sam Dunn (EMS Professions),
Owen Eiss (Surgical Technology), Brianna Ellis (Business Mgmt), Edgar Escutia (Air Conditioning
Tech), Joshua Eubanks (Drafting Technology), Maya Farmer (Early College Essentials TCC), Sierra
Farmer (Conservation Law Enforcement), Shelby Faverty (Surgical Technology), Tanner Filion
(Engineering Technology), Lewis Fleming (Air Conditioning Tech), Marilyn Flores (Early Childhood
Care), Brittani Flowers (Surgical Technology), Shelby Fraga (Conservation Law Enforcement), Kelley
Funez (Early Childhood Care), Nelson Garcia (Criminal Justice Tech), Trevor Gardiner (Business
Technology), Colton Gilreath (Air Conditioning Tech), Ashley Glenn (Practical Nursing), Zalayah
Grant (Esthetician TCC), Morgan Grayson (Health Care Assistant TCC), Kynlee Griffin (Esthetician
TCC), Ths Grunfelder (Networking Specialist), Sophia Hagerty (Networking Specialist), Mia Hahn
(Barbering), Robert Hale (Diesel Equipment Tech), Katie Hanley (Early Childhood Care), Mackenzie
Hanley (Early Childhood Care), Sparkle Harper (Early Childhood Care), Catherine Harris (Physical
Therapist Assist), Cheyenne Head (EMS Professions), Ezekiel Hendricks (Interdisciplinary Studies),
Denise Hernandez (Early Childhood Care), Fernando Hernandez (Precision
Machine/Manufacturing), Wyatt Herndon (Conservation Law Enforcement), Hailey Herrin (Business
Mgmt), Ben Hogan (Networking Specialist), Weston Hubbard (Air Conditioning Tech), Ryan
Huddleston (Radiologic Technology AAS), Melainea Hughes (Interdisciplinary Studies), Jessica Ivie
(Esthetician TCC), Acton Jackson (Radiologic Technology AAS), Jessica Johnson (EMS Professions),
Erika Johnston (Physical Therapist Assist), Kenyon Jones (Interdisciplinary Studies), Nikolas
Karamihalis (EMS Professions), Maria Kautz (Cosmetology), Anna Kimsey (Practical Nursing), Ths
Kohler (Paramedicine), Baye Lamark (Comp Support Specialist), Kyle Ledford (Industrial Systems
Tech), Nicolas Leedom (Interdisciplinary Studies), Dominik Lipold (Air Conditioning Tech), Jesse
Lopez (Electrical Cons Syst Tech), Logan Manders (Networking Specialist), Lauren Mann
(Cosmetology), Emily Martinez (Interdisciplinary Studies), Anthony Martinez (Auto Collision Repair),
Joseph Maxwell (Automotive Tech), Keshawn McClary (Emerging Technologies), Jennifer McClure
(Criminal Justice Tech), Parker McCook (Radiologic Technology AAS), Kelsey McDonough (EMS
Professions), Sydney McIntosh(Paramedicine), Anabel Mercado (Automotive Tech), Christin
Mitchell (Criminal Justice Tech), Madelyn Mitchell (Dental Hygiene), Chloe Moon (Business
Technology), Isaac Morris (Business Mgmt), Anthony Munoz (Gas Metal Arc Welding), Ivone
Munoz (Radiologic Technology AAS), Sam NeSmith (Radiologic Technology AAS), Kim Nguyen
(Interdisciplinary Studies), Chase Nunns (Diesel Equipment Tech), Jonathan Ordonez (Drafting
Technology), Carolyn Ortega (Accounting), Leslie Ortega (Interdisciplinary Studies), Anastasia
Page (Paralegal Studies), Karla Pastor (Technical Specialist TCC), Diana Perez (Radiologic
Technology AAS), Jose Perez (EMS Professions), Vidaya Persaud (Health Information Coding), R.
Phillips (Barbering), Ethan Potter (Industrial Systems Tech), Cassandra Radford (Early Childhood
Care), Alexandrea Rhodes (Business Mgmt), Jackson Roush (Engineering Technology), Luciano
Ruggiero (Interdisciplinary Studies), Nicholas Rule (Business Mgmt), Kimberly Santos (Esthetician
TCC), Jaime Sauceda (Air Conditioning Tech), Logan Scott (Pre-hospital Operations TCC), Hailey
Sheldon (Cosmetology), Jacob Shepherd (Electrical Cons Syst Tech), Chloe Shirley (Diesel
Equipment Tech), Hannah Stone (Cosmetology), Spiritual Stribling (Early Childhood Care), Foster
Strickland (Physical Therapist Assist), Chloe Sumner (Dental Hygiene), Jaden Sweat (Business
Mgmt), Rainna Tate (Paralegal Studies), Jennifer Taylor (Criminal Justice Tech), Michelle Taylor
(Social Work Assistant), Erin Temple (EMS Professions), Jonathan Ths (Engineering Technology),
Nathan Tolera (Interdisciplinary Studies), Sara Van (Dental Hygiene), Natalie Von (Interdisciplinary
Studies), Kourtney Wallace (Esthetician TCC), Caitlyn Walters (Physical Therapist Assist), Matthew
Waters (Networking Specialist), Decoda White (Pre-hospital Operations TCC), Kara Whitmire
(Radiologic Technology AAS), Ross Whitmoyer (Welding Technology), Autumn Wilder
(Hotel/Restaurant/Tourism), Mollie Williams (Early College Essentials TCC), Madelyn Wilson (Prehospital Operations TCC), Aza Wynn (Pre-hospital Operations TCC), and Isabella Zamora
(Interdisciplinary Studies),

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